Who we are

We are an Authorized Inspection Authority, duly appointed in terms of Regulation 3 of the Electrical Installation Regulations and as such endorsed by the Department of Labour and the SANAS with a specific mandate to inspect and report on electrical installation regulations to the Department of Labour. We are a different breed than electrical contractors or electricians, although we employ and utilized the best skilled, are prohibited by law to be electrical contractors and as such are completely independant. This ensure that we remain impartial and objective throughout our investigations, with the only focus being the improvement of safety and compliance. Started as an electrical contractor business during 1994, our inspection services division arose to address a need in predominantly hazardous locations for large industries. Throughout the years, building a legacy of trust, our inspection division became our main and sole activity, wherafter our decision to obtain our Authorized Inspection Authority status.

What we do

In short, we conduct investigations and compliance audits of electrical installations to ensure the compliance thereof with the relevant standards. Our findings may extent to findings in relation to the quality, safety and in certain cases competency of electrical equipment, installations and persons and as such rule on the validity of certificates of compliance. How we go about doing what we do is, however what sets us apart, because our reporting process is not only designed to deliver accurate reports, but designed to tackle key aspects throughout the whole supply chain from sourcing, manufacturing, designing, installing and maintenance of electrical installations combined with a modern approach by incorporating technology, coupled with years of skill and knowledge to render information and data that is relevant, in time and accurate. Our aim is to identify each electrical piece of equipment in any electrical installation and configure the same in such a way that the management thereof becomes second nature in a client’s unique asset management system. Couple the data with an inhouse legal and compliance department and we have you covered from point A to Z in any compliance aspect. Our investigations and reports are in accordance with strict SANAS and Department of Labour requirements to ensure credibility and reliability. Our inhouse legal and compliance department will further advise and recommend actions in the event that it is required to ensure you become compliant. Our findings are used to challenge and settle various issues between the owner or user of an electrical installation, contractors, electricians, suppliers and the Department of Labour. But even better than that our findings are used to make real time decisions in maintenance and compliance ensure the effective discharge of your legal duty.

Our services include:

Our B-BBEE Ratings are:

B-BBEE Status: Level 4
B-BBEE Production Level: 110%